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Stephen DIGNAN is a writer, filmmaker, actor, and entrepreneur living in Greenwich Village, New York.  Born on Galveston Island and raised in Dallas, he attended St. Mark’s School of Texas and later Pitzer College in Claremont, California where he graduated with a degree in English Literature and Environmental Studies.  With over twenty-two years of experience in the film and entertainment industry, Stephen has played pivotal behind-the-scenes roles in the creation of movies such as Wes Anderson’s Bottle Rocket, Rushmore and The Royal Tennenbaums.  Stephen is also a journalist whose pieces have appeared in The New York Sun, Parade and other publications, and a songwriter and musician with over 100 songs to his credit.  In 2000, Dignan founded Sublime Joke, an entertainment content and technology company that tells great stories via film, the web, and the new digital mobile space.  Dignan also is a script doctor and joke writer whose ideas have found their way into several major motion pictures.

Stephen DIGNAN



"Dignan is my vote for the greatest first name in film history.."  
                    -Oscar-Winning Writer Director James L. Brooks